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Your Human Resource Partner



Nailesh Gada,
Founder & CEO
 Online Netsys India Private Limited

We are associated with
HR Esentials for the past 15 years and our experience has been great. They are thoroughly professional, methodical in their approach. They are always full of energy and enthusiasm.
Pramod has been of great help and is fine to connect any time for advice for recruitment, policies, grievances, market trend etc. We highly recommend their services.

Sanjay Gupta,  
Direction Software LLP

Great work and thank you very much!  I would recommend this model to other SME organizations who could save precious costs without compromising on deliverables in a time bound fashion without any reservations!

Srimoyi Bhattacharya,

I want to thank you for being so dependent and handling timely delivery of all your commitments, and a special mention to Pramod for this, while managing our transition in the ops/HR/accounting team.

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