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In this age of the internet, it is easy to find templates and maybe even policies and answers on HR. Free advice is available easily. But do they solve organization problems or end up costing entrepreneurs even more? If templates, policies and best practices could be copied pasted, why is every organization not a success story? 

HR practices and its success depend on its execution vis-a-vis the type of organization. This needs a seasoned HR professional who can handhold you and your team to execute success.

Pick from the below engagement models to suit your organization needs.

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Fixed duration, Defined mandate projects 

Based on the identified need of the client, we conceptualize, design and recommend solutions to help attract and retain your precious talent. All with complete guidelines and support for implementation.

This could mean setting up the HR department from ground zero or re-engineering what you have already built to suit current needs, hand holding the stakeholders with the execution. The choice to continue with us for ongoing support or use your existing team for the same lies with the client.


These are generally spread over a quarter to a year at a time and have broad defined mandates which typically include ongoing support and advice for designed solutions, supporting, sustaining, strengthening and modifying solutions on an ongoing basis, guidance on day-to-day HR related issues, facilitating moving up the value chain in HR etc.

In short, having a seasoned HR Head in an outsourced model for quarter its price.

Both the models work for specific days in a week, based on the terms of the engagement with a combination of onsite and offsite support.

Outsourced Model

Some organizations prefer having their HR needs completely outsourced.

A designate representative of our organization would be present onsite to be the HR face of your organization, completely supported by the offsite team consisting of senior HR professionals.

On Phone Consultation

What if you have a one time query and a small piece of work to resolve. No worry.

You can schedule a phone consultation for 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Based on the consultation and your choice to seek further support if any, we could take it forward.