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HR Esentials commenced operations in March 2006 in Mumbai by Ms.Geeta Chaturvedi, an Industrial Psychologist from Department of Applied Psychology, Mumbai University, India. Geeta carries over 28 years of Corporate experience with large IT conglomerates and MNC’s. 

HR Esentials was conceived with a single aim to enable Small and Medium Sized organizations to have their HR setup based on sound HR practices, systems and processes, in a time bound and cost effective manner.

We work with you as your business partner, from the time you begin to add employees till the business is productive, profitable and beyond that as per your need. In times of pay for what and how much you use, it is a huge success with Companies as small as 15 employees to Companies as large as 250 employees to keep their fixed costs under control. 


Today, we are 14 years old - that one baby step taken without fear has given us the opportunity to engage with many young vibrant Entrepreneurs who dreamed and created their own Enterprise from that one moment of inspired guidance. It is our privilege to be simultaneously part of many organization's growth stories, creating and implementing HR processes right from helping to hire the right talent to retaining them.

Seeing these organizations grow, thrive and consolidate their place of glory is a joy we cherish much beyond words.

Our purpose is to be your extended arm and facilitate robust HR practices for Small and Medium Organizations. With the workforce spending a lot of their time and energy at the work place, aspirations of human resources have been ever expanding over the years, notwithstanding the size of the organization.

Meeting these aspirations even half way, implies having sound HR practices in place.

We stay in gratitude to each of these Enterprises who believed in us, gave us and continue to give us the opportunity to be of service to them, to connect with their employees and add our value.

We exist because of your faith in us.

To the organizations with whom we worked full time, our Mentors and many other guardians who coached us and taught us the subtler nuances of HR, connecting the dots, looking beyond the obvious and everyone who has been part of our professional journey - a Big Thank you.

If our vibe matches with what you are looking for - Come... Connect...Let's together Create....and thrive....

We also have seasoned HR professionals associated with us on an assignment basis to add value to specialized projects. 

Our maxim is : Design, recommend and implement solutions that are workable and affordable.

Our first hand experience as HR professionals facilitates our understanding on the challenges that organizations face, the constraints under which they operate and how to work around them.

Being an external arm of the organization we bring a perfect balance of objectivity and involvement to the work we facilitate.

We offer solutions based on sound industry experience and best practices. And of course for the solutions we offer, we do not blow your pocket.

Our business models deliver 
solutions of senior professional caliber at a price of a junior professional. Now doesn’t that make economic sense!

Whether your HR strategy is building a robust HR department, tapping our industry experience for

consulting, or handling day to day HR activities, you can count on us to deliver your need.


  • Direct Contribution to bottom-line

  • Reduced timelines

  • Deliverable quality of Experienced Professional

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